our story

So Free puts the enjoyment back into free-from and ethical chocolate. Our chocolate is 100% plant based and is produced by Britains original vegan company - Plamil Foods.


All of our chocolate is made in the UK. Having our own factory means that we can have control over every aspect of production resulting in the highest quality chocolate. This also means no cross contamination from other products.

We passionately believe in producing food that is made to the highest standards possible. We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection products that are suitable for vegans, allergy sufferers or people who cannot eat sugar.


Production is SALSA certified, and we are also certified by organisations such as Fairtrade Foundation, Soil Association, UTZ and Kosher.

our values

​We choose to be ethical and sustainable...

  • Vegan for the animals and the environment.

  • Made using 100% renewable energy.

  • Use only certified cocoa.

  • Avoid child slave labour.

  • Made by us in the UK.

  • Proudly independent.



our history

Plamil Foods can trace their beginnings to 1946 when early members of the Vegan Society decided to find an alternative to dairy milk.

Plamil (formerly Plant Milk Limited) made the first soya milk in Europe in the late 1950's and successfully created a new market for this innovative product.

Our founders, including late Arthur Ling, passionately wanted to create a range of food that did not contain animal products. As vegan and 'free from' food pioneers, Plamil then innovated other products such as non dairy cheese (called Veeze), mayonnaise, other plant based milks, sauces and dairy free carob and organic chocolate.

Today, Plamil is a world-leading manufacturer of vegan and organic chocolate, plus other food products.  Plamil serve millions of free from and vegan customers each year. We are proud to be able to say that Plamil has been making the right choices for a sustainable planet for over half a century.


  • Our chocolate is made in England in a strictly vegan factory. Our factory is based in Folkestone, Kent. We love being by the sea and on a clear day you can even see France.

  • Ethics are always high on the agenda with us, that’s why we score so highly in Ethical Consumer Magazine and have been since 2006.

  • We sell our chocolate all over the world. There are too many counties to count, but some include Austrailia, Norway, Dubai, Canada and Hungary.

  • Our Organic and Fairtrade cocoa is sourced from Dominican Republic farming co-operatives.

  • We were the first company to ever use the Vegan Society logo but we now have our very own Vegan trademark logo. This is because the Vegan Society allow products to be contaminated with dairy milk which is something we do not agree on.