cocoa bites


We our proud to launch our Cocoa Bites; bite size vegan chocolate that come in 100% plastic free sharing bags.


Made in the UK using certified cocoa and 100% renewable energy. Deliberately produced without milk. Dairy free - suitable for vegans. Gluten free - suitable for coeliacs. Available by the pouch or in a case of 7 pouches.

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We have been passionately making organic chocolate for over 15 years, being the first chocolate manufacturer to be registered in the UK by the Soil Association.

Our Organic and Fairtrade cocoa is sourced from Dominican Republic farming co-operatives. We have been ranked highest in all chocolate ratings by Ethical Consumer magazine since 2006.

Leading the way, we were the first to make chocolate using rice milk, producing our award winning dairy free alternative to milk chocolate and scrumptious white chocolate.



Say hello to our exciting So free no added sugar chocolate bars! UTZ and Sugarwise certified. No milk, no nuts and gluten free.

Our new So free Smooth Bar has the taste of milk chocolate, without dairy, and with less than 4% sugars. 

We have introduced three low free sugar chocolate snack bars, made with 72% cocoa. No milk, no nuts and gluten free. UTZ and Sugarwise certified.


These premium organic chocolate spreads are made without hydrogenated fats and are ideal in sandwiches, toast or baking.

Smooth and rich

The chocolate spread is smooth and has a full rich chocolate taste.

An absolute winner

The alternative to milk chocolate spread is light and moreish, perfect for everyday use.


Introducing the So free Easter 2019 range, including three great new dairy free chocolate Easter eggs. Perfect for a vegan Easter!




Birthdays/ valentines.


Your favourite So Free products are available in a generously filled hamper, offering many mouth watering tastes and flavours all nestled together.

Send it to that someone special, as a gift of love, friend, staff member or client, as a thank you, a gift of joy or just as an exquisite treat for you, or your family.

Don’t forget these vegan hampers make a wonderful seasonal present too!

It would be truly hard to find such tasty, award winning, ethical and environmental range of products suitable for everyone in one hamper!

We also create hampers for special occasions such as Valentines, Easter and Christmas - if you create an account with us we will let you know when they are available.

"So Free has a fabulous range for my child with a dairy intolerance."
"Since I’m lactose intolerant, So Free makes my taste buds AND my stomach happy!"

"I also love that it is clearly & visibly linked to Plamil and so all the heritage that goes with that."

"So free chocolate tastes really good. I love that all my friends can eat the same YUMMY chocolate!"